AMV: Kurokami Meets Daft Punk

Fist to Fist

I’ve been wanting to share this AMV (that’s not mine) for almost two years, but I forgot the name of the anime it was based on: Kurokami (Black God). I do remember the song used: “Face to Face” by Daft Punk, from their 2001 “Discovery” album (the same album that inspired Interstella 5555 from Leiji Matsumoto).

Song Artist: Daft Punk
Song Title: Face to Face
Anime: Kurokami (Black God)
AMV Creator: pillsbury15
AMV Title: “Fist to Fist” URL:

It was originally shown at ConNooga 2011 as “Fist to Fist”. It was a video against many good AMVs in the Action category. Thank goodness for the Judge’s Choice nomination category, but my mind is fuzzy on whether or not it won. I haven’t watched Kurokami before, but having this set to my favorite song from the French duo, I want to know more about it. All I know is that it’s a former Bandai Entertainment title:roll:

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