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Good news: AniBroad is now open for testing! But with myself being a rookie coder, there will be a few imperfections. All the important features will be implemented at a later time until AniBroad is worn out a bit from the initial launch. Of course, the site will be in beta for a while (but not as long as Gmail, that’s for sure :D).

As I mentioned before, AniBroad is a social bookmarking/voting application made with Ruby on Rails. I built the site in mind of the basic features that makes the site work as it should as an social voting site for Otaku, with the intent of adding other goodies in the future. But for now, the theme of the site is “Broadcasting”. For example: Articles are called “Broadcasts”, which are submitted by “Broadcasters”, the users, who submit the content. Note that the “Articles” model is saved from the earlier versions of the application. It does not mean that it should be text articles: it can be an article of multimedia instead of text. πŸ˜†

After signing up, the Broadcaster can submit a Broadcast to be seen by the entire world. When a user submits a Broadcast, a vote is automatically appended to the Broadcast (note: a Broadcast can only be voted on once). If other Broadcasters like the Broadcast, it can be voted on. The highest voted submission goes to the Popular Broadcasts page, whereas the recently submitted Broadcasts are shown on the Upcoming Broadcasts and are eventually promoted to the Popular page when enough votes are cast. If the user wants to see all Broadcasts including Upcoming ones, there is a section for All Broadcasts.

With AniBroad running in beta mode, there will be limited registrations. Right now, registrations are open to everyone. Simply register and submit as many Broadcasts as you want. But depending on how many users sign up or if something goes awry, new registrations will be discontinued until further notice. This is to prevent things from getting out of hand and to get initial feedback from the first batch of testers. As I said before, this is the first time being serious about coding a site from scratch that I will want to see how things turn out. I’m very anxious of how this will go. πŸ˜€

If you’re ready, become a test Broadcaster right now and submit a Broadcast! Stay tuned for further updates!

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