Anime Blast ’11 and ConNooga ’12 AMV Winners

Sorry for the long wait, everyone. I’ve been meaning to post this a lot sooner after Anime Blast Chattanooga, but with the contents and being events in the same city as ConNooga, I’ve combined them into one post! It’s a way to make up for being so late for posting something from Anime Blast. ^^;

(Keep on the lookout for an editorial special that includes a recap of Anime Blast sometime in March!)

Anime Blast Chattanooga 2011 AMV Winners

Drama / Romance: BobbyP – Colors (K-on!)

Action/Adventure (Tied): Morgan White – Game On and djanime – Cloud’s Pain (FFVII: AC)

[Note: “Game On” video unavailable at this time.]

Cloud’s Pain

Misc/Comedy/Parody: Galia & Kitty – SuperS

ConNooga 2012 AMV Winners

Action/Adventure: biblegirl4eternity – Hero (Kingdom Hearts)

Drama/Romance: BobbyP – Colors (K-on!)

[Note: Won same category at Anime Blast Chattanooga]

Comedy/Other (Tied): BobbyP – Sexi Nikki (Future Diary) and Mistress C – Funny Bleach (Bleach)

[Note: Videos unavailable at this time.]

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