[Anime] Quick Review on “Another” EP1

This is my most anticipated new Anime.

“Another” is written by Ayatsuju Yukito, a famous writer and directed by Mizushima Tsutomu (BLOOD-C). The main reason this series got my attention is because Ayatsuju is one of my favourite writer, but I soon noticed that illustrations are quite well in the Anime as well (By the way, I didn’t read the original novel of Another).

As a quick review (and to avoid possible spoilers), I’ll focus on my feelings and include as little plot details as possible.

Not only the story at the beginning sounds creepy to me, but also the setting: old hospital and school, quite countryside etc. look gloomy. While I have very high expectation in the plot line, I gotta say the atmosphere was created in a way that perfectly matched the story. It may scare  or disturb you a bit, but you just wanna keep watching and wonder what’s gonna happen.

My favourite part is when Misaki (the girl in this pic) said to Koichi (the protagonist) she need to deliver something and walk towards the morgue. Gee! I mean, that’s not scary but it will give you goosebumps if you’re the one who see it!

Since Ayatsuji is a mystery writer, I am expecting to see more suspension in the next EP. By looking at some of the character’s we can also easily tell that something unusual is happening.

Judging from EP1, I can’t be too firm but I’ll give it 4 marks out of 5. Anyway if you like thrillers or mysteries, just give this series a try.


PS. In one part Koichi’s classmates said that his name reminded them of a murderer (they said something kinda like this). As Koichi’s last name is “Sakakibara”, the “murderer ” his classmates referred to is Sakakibara Seito, alias used by a 14-year-old serial killer in Japan back in 1997.

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