[Review] Audition Dance Battle


Name: Audition Dance Battle
Release Date: International: April 2007 (Download Only)
Rating: Everyone; Gameplay May Change Online
Developer: Yedang Entertainment
Publisher: Nexon
Platform: PC
Minimum PC Requirements:

Pentium III Processor – 1 GHz
2 GB Hard Drive Space
Windows XP
nVidia GEForce 2 or ATI Radeon 7000 Series GPU
DirectX 9
56k or DSL/Cable Network Speed


Ever heard of Audition? Well, it’s a game where you “dance” with people from around the world, and have fun. Sounds familiar? Maybe you’re thinking about Dance Dance Revolution–Well, the Xbox Live Version, that is–but with feminine-looking characters and music from well known pop artists.

Audition is published by Nexon, the people who brought us Maple Story. It’s free to play, however there are add-ons you can buy for your character in the same nature of Maple Story–with real money, paid with pre-paid cards readily available from Target and CVS Pharmacy stores. I tried this game out–only for a few days, until I went back to playing P2P games (it’s hard playing two MMO at once). Want to learn more? Here is my review of “Audition”.





If you had experience playing Dance Dance Revolution, or the concept of a dance simulator, then this is a walk in the park. If you haven’t played such a game before, the objective of Audition is to press the corresponding arrows that appear on the screen before the next set of steps. Just like DDR, but easier–using just your fingers and without a dance pad. There are two songs in the soundtrack, “Magic City” and “Walk it Out”, that many new player choose for warm-ups. You will find rooms in the Beginner’s channel for just these songs to get through a couple of levels. Hardcore players, of course, frown upon them and choose their own songs–usually faster songs. The Audition community is no concern when it comes to beginners, depending on who they are. However, if you’re just starting out and you are grouped in a room with player level 4-5, leave it. The “elite” players will look down on low level players and will kick them out. I was in a similar situation during my tryouts. If the high level players are nice enough to let you play with them, they will randomly type gibberish whenever you miss steps. Take my advice: stay in rooms with players a level or two above you. If you have friends who are a higher level than you and can still enter the Beginner channel, then good for you! ^_^




The American Audition soundtrack includes songs from several well known artists from the US and UK. The rest are songs that were included in the Korean version, but specifically made for the game, a’la Dance Dance Revolution. The music is a disappointment for Korean pop fans in the US. kAU contains music from well known K-Pop artists, via YG Entertainment (who discovered talents such as Se7en and BigBang), while aAU is left with overplayed and some overplayed hits of 2006 and 2007, including a song from Hillary Duff (ugh) as heard in this commercial for Audition:

There is a tracklist for aAU, but the only way to find out is to play the game, or do a Google search. The tracklist on the aAU website is still “under construction”. There are a couple of songs that are catchy and they will stick in your mind for a few days.

Note: I haven’t played this game in a couple of months since I wrote this review, so I apologize for any changes that were made since then.




The graphics for this game are alright, if you’re into cute anime characters with big eyes. I was expecting more “normal” looking characters, like in Dance Dance Revolution. The female characters are fine, but the male characters look weird with the feminine look. It’s not too creepy, so it’s tolerable, especially if you’ve been through the whole “Small Body, Big Eyes” complex before. A plus for teeny boppers.

Replay Vaule



The game is updated from time to time with new songs, and new outfits for your avatar. As mentioned before, you can buy your avatar new clothes with real currency, using a PayPal-ish account, or using pre-paid game cards. Perhaps your friends can’t afford a P2P game, then you could suggest this game to them, if they are interested in this kind of game. I would play it for when I didn’t feel like playing World of Warcraft–or just plain bored.


Overall Rating:


The game was fun after a few days, but after being hazed a bit by the higher levels, I lost interest. In the end, this game is good for playing if you’re a fan of dance simulators or if you can’t afford a monthly subscription for a Pay 2 Play games (with the exception of the game cards for addons). If you’re still unsure about it, take a look at this gameplay video featuring the song, “Thunderbird”. Unfortunately, I was not able to make my own gameplay video, due to the fact that my laptop cannot record audio using an integrated sound card…

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