ISML 2011 Male Exhibition Tournament Winner

Last week I talked about the International Saimoe League’s Male Exhibition Tournament taking place. It was the first time (to my knowledge, at least) that male characters were represented on a battlefield of female characters. There were so many characters, so little time with just a month to decide. With the Male Exhibition at a end, the winner has been crowned.

The winner is Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass! It was a close fight against rival Hideyoshi Kinoshita from Baka to Test to Shokanju, with the final votes 2155 and 2076, respectfully. Lelouch is a least favorite character of mine–not that I dislike him, but the fact that I’ve never gave Code Geass a lot of attention, until now. :roll:

It’s not surprising to see Lelouch take the title with the series’ decent popularity. Though in the earlier rounds it seemed that either Bleach‘s Byakuya (a huge favorite of mine), Durarara‘s Izaya, Haruhi‘s Kyon, FMA‘s Edward and Roy, or Black Butler‘s Sebastian would be the likely winners. In the end, it was a fair fight. No Nintendo characters over here. 😆

To celebrate Lelouch’s win, here is an AMV with highlights of the first season of Code Geass featuring the opening “COLORS” by Flow.

For the final results, check out the standings page on the ISML site. The regular nomination period begins on January 1st.

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