Starcraft Gundam Century Mod


I found this while browsing MyAnimeList‘s Mobile Suit Gundam Club in the Gundam Games thread. MAL member Takuya-kun pointed out this Starcraft mod called “Gundam Century“. It’s exactly what it is: a Gundam modification for the game, Starcraft.

With Starcraft being 10 years old, the mod is no longer being maintained–and was never really perfected due to the game’s technological shortcomings. Older versions of the mod are still available, though it works up to the Brood War Patch v1.07. The mod was even featured in many PC Gaming magazines back in the day, along with an interview with the GC creator.

I hope this mod or something like it is brought back for Starcraft 2. That would be すごい! I wonder if there are any Starleague tournaments using this mod… :roll:

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  1. Jordan says:

    NERDGASM. Once I get my PC up and running I’m gonna hit this game up.

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