True or False: Dragonball Hoshi

I was told a while back that there was a new Dragonball anime on the way with Akira Toriyama involved, called Dragonball Hoshi. Being the fan I am, I would be fangirling about it by now. But there was something about it that prevented me from getting my hopes up…

It seems that with the success of Dragonball Kai and the OVAs Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return, the remake of the Playdia The Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, and the recent Bardock special, there’s renewed interest in continuing the story–considering the announcement of the movie. That’s a good thing, right? But not when it’s some attempt to dash the hopes of fans.

Here’s the “trailer” for Dragonball Hoshi. It does look like a legit Dragonball series, but unless you’re up-to-date on the latest Dragonball game, you might have seen this before:

It’s actually the opening movie of Dragonball Heroes, an arcade game exclusive to Japan. Since it’s a game not widely known about outside of Japan, it was an opportunity to twist the facts, passing it on to everyone as exciting news.

There are new characters exclusive to the game, and it takes one to spread the news to thousands, creating the buzz that it is now was. Here’s a must-read article on The Dao of Dragonball that has a very thorough explanation of the Hoshi “phenomenon”.

To make things short: the official existence of Dragonball Hoshi is: FALSE. If it was real, Anime News Network would have reported it already (and I would have spammed about it on Twitter, Facebook, and this blog about it as I have with Gundam Unicorn). This isn’t the first time a fake Dragonball series was spread around: don’t forget Dragonball AF, which was was most creative rumor spread on the Internet* for nearly a decade. It eventually inspired a fan doujinshi from fan author Toyble.

(*Well, not the most creative for the Internet, but definitely for the Dragonball franchise…*cough*)

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