Vocaloid Song of the Month: イカサマライフゲム (Ikasama Life Game) feat. GUMI


The next Vocaloid Song of the Month is different from the last one about love throughout one’s childhood. Instead, let’s imagine this song as a candidate for a new anime series involving notes and diaries with serious consequences.

June’s VSotM is from kemu, called イカサマライフゲム (Ikasama Life Game). This is the first song I’ve heard from kemu, before discovering インビジブル (Invisible) with GUMI and Rin Kagamine from 2011. The song and PV for Ikasama Life Game could be a catalyst of an(other) anime series, like, let’s say, Future Diary, and maybe Death Note.

Before pressing the play button, please keep the volume at a reasonable level. Trust me.

[NND Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16915126]

Honorable Mention: Yes Yes feat. KAITO V3 (Original)

There aren’t many male Vocaloids out there. A couple Vocamales (if that’s such a term) come to mind: Big Al and Oliver, who are both English speaking Vocaloids. One male Vocaloid who is in the ranks of popular Vocaloids such as Miku and Luka, KAITO steals the hearts of female Vocaloid fans. Speaking of English, this song by Sat is in English, demonstrating KAITO v3’s English capabilities.

[NND Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20298205]

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